Considering we now live in the age of premium, body-inclusive activewear and Nike Free Runs, our idea of what constitutes as ‘workout clothes’ has changed rather dramatically over the years. Though some might consider their gym clothes as simply being the easiest (and most comfortable) garments they can find, workoutRead More →

The average music venue is a pretty tough environment for photography and even the best cameras can struggle at times. For a start there’s hardly any light, and what little there is (stage light) keeps flashing on and off. Plus, rock stars don’t tend to just hang around in oneRead More →

I had a conversation recently with someone who confided that they were sick of work. “Everything feels too routine. I get pushed around and everyone expects me to be funny all the time,” they said. Seeing they were a bit stressed, I recommended they switch off for the evening andRead More →

Digital marketing in 2020 will be decidedly multi-channel. Messenger bot platform ManyChat’s recent Conversations Conference 2019, held in Austin, embraced this by reinforcing key themes including omnipresence and personalization. In a launch reminiscent of Steve Jobs, founder Mikael Yang revealed a long list of new ManyChat features, such as theRead More →

If you love to run but suffer from shin splints, finding the right pair of running shoes can help make exercising more comfortable. According to Dr. Anthony Kouri, M.D., an orthopedic surgical resident at the University of Toledo Medical Center, there are two major factors runners should consider when searchingRead More →