The best gaming mouse pad is much more than just a glorified mouse pad with a logo on it. And while just a few years ago, that might have been true, now you can expect a few extra bells and whistles with the best gaming mouse pads. Features such asRead More →

With streaming music, there’s a playlist for everything. You’ve got your slow jams, happy dance tunes, and productivity playlists to help you focus at work. With wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speakers, you can bring your favorite music or podcasts to the pool or shower without having to climb out ofRead More →

Wild, fierce, howling — and 6 inches long. That’s the grasshopper mouse for you, the only carnivorous rodent in North America — and the only one who howls like a wolf. And that’s not even the oddest thing about the mouse, who lives in burrows in the ground. For theRead More →

Choosing a backpack for your next outdoor adventure is no easy task. With dozens of options available, narrowing down the best pack for you can take some serious research. What it really comes down to are the features that will be most important to you, based on the type ofRead More →

Why is space so cold if the sun is so hot? Excellent question. Unlike our mild habitat here on Earth, our solar system is full of temperature extremes. The sun is a bolus of gas and fire measuring around 27 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core and 10,000 degrees atRead More →